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Abaft the Funnel  

Rudyard Kipling

U.S. First Authorised Edition


Abaft the Funnel by Rudyard Kipling is for sale. Abaft the Funnel is the US first authorised edition published by Doubleday Page and Company in New York USA in 1909.

Abaft the Funnel has a brief Author’s Note from Rudyard Kipling that reads as follows:

“Messrs. B. W. Dodge & Company have issued without my knowledge or sanction the following odds and ends unearthed from newspaper files of twenty years ago, and therefore unprotected by copyright.  I should never have reprinted them, but Messrs. Dodge’s enterprise compels me to do so.  Rudyard Kipling October, 1909.”

Clearly, Rudyard Kipling was very displeased to produce this book, and its controversy makes this Rudyard Kipling first edition of particular importance and interest.

Abaft the Funnel original grey boards are in Good condition being complete but with fading to front and back boards and to the spine; wear to the top and bottom of the spine; and there are knocks to the corners; but the illustration of the elephant walking through the jungle is still very clear to the top of the front board.  The hinges are broken to the front and back boards, but the whole book is intact, and this is merely cosmetic.

Abaft the Funnel has 323 numbered pages which are in overall Very Good condition with age toning to the margins.

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Rudyard Kipling Abaft the Funnel US First Authorised Edition 1909